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Justin Schorah

Published January 3rd 2014
Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The four young musicians in rock band Hybris are about to make a name for themselves.After three long years in the trenches of Florida’s underground music scene, they finally have a record deal in sight. An A&R hotshot fell in love with them upon hearing a few of their songs online, and suddenly all the sweat, blisters and soul-draining self-promotion seemed worth it. The band got a call asking them to bring their haunting mix of Clapton and post-hardcore up to Manhattan for a label showcase. It was the break of a lifetime. And now the only thing separating them from their dreams is a thousand miles of pavement.Money is tight though. A hundred gigs a year and they rarely broke even. Between the cost of food, gas and everything else it takes to keep a band running, they made a habit of living in the red. The only way they would ever get to New York would be to pack up their aging Chevy Astro and book a tour that could lead them to the promised land.All it took was six dots on a map. A handful of concerts to carry them to their destination. It was more than enough to keep them flush if everything went according to plan, but things never do when you’re on the road. And as they work their way up the coast, it all goes to hell.They soldier through tough circumstances at first, making the best of it for as long as they can. But when the van gets ransacked midway through the trip, they’re forced to make a choice: crawl home empty-handed or charge onward at all costs.Out of cash and desperate to make it, they set themselves on a collision course to New York. It’s a decision that forces each band member to consider just how badly he wants that record deal, and what he’s willing to do to get it.Laws are broken. Friendships are tested. And so much violent momentum is built up that nothing and no one can stand in their way. Not even each other.