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Christian Parables Jwyan C Johnson

Christian Parables

Jwyan C Johnson

Kindle Edition
110 pages
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 About the Book 

Can you imagine imagination itself with The Bible in its hand? How about seeing several scriptures sharing the same short story scene? Christian Parables is a series of new parables and a new bible study method that scripts your scripture without the versus of verses. It quickly becomes a fun and phenomenal fellowship tool for family and friends! But even with all its symbolism, mystery-laced morals, and playful plays full of inspiration, this “bible study smoothie” still needs a narrator!Learn and Teach Bible TopicsExplain salvation with the Parable of the Hidden SmileAwait The Patient’s Patience (Parable).Take notes with The Smarter CopycatPlay biblical detective with The Unsuspecting Suspect.But be careful posing for a special mirror with its own intentions!And plenty more!With Each New Parable You Can:Offer symbolism and other hidden facts.Create an Instant Replay of its story scenes for traditional bible study.Use the scriptures as story clues before solving its mystery ending.Interact with the story characters through their Christian Challenges (in Chapter 4)Also in this book:Presentation tips when sharing to an audience.A Scripture Index for quick referenceFeel the handshake between once upon a time and in the beginning for the happy ending of even higher learning!