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Foul Player (Dr. Jillian Sanders, #1) Sue Parker

Foul Player (Dr. Jillian Sanders, #1)

Sue Parker

Kindle Edition
247 pages
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 About the Book 

Murder is the last thing on OBGYN Dr. Jillian Sanders mind, but its the first thing she must consider when her brothers ex fiancee turns up dead.Up all night delivering babies, Dr. Sanders is summoned to the ER to see a young pregnant woman possibly in premature labor. Within minutes, the back doors of the emergency room burst open and paramedics rush in a late twenties Jane Doe, clinging to life after being run down while jogging.A side-long glance is all it takes for Dr. Sanders to recognize the victim as her brothers former fiancee and long time family friend. Of course, it could be Karas twin sister Sara, but based on a recent conversation with Kara-a conversation Dr. Sanders promised to keep secret against her better judgment- the chances of that are slim.When resuscitation fails and the police write the incident up as an accidental hit-and-run, Dr. Sanders must tell all. And when her old flame, Detective Mike Daniels, the detective assigned to the case, appears to have other priorities, Dr. Sanders decides to investigate Karas death on her own.Throughout the novel, Dr. Sanders attempts to keep some semblance of her life prior to Karas death. She continues to see patients, deliver babies and and perform surgery. She also resolves a relationship with her ex husband and learns to love again, all the while somehow managing to maintain her sense of humor.But as Dr. Sanders will soon discover, there is nothing funny about Karas case and there is much to lose by getting involved. Not the least of which...is her life.